The Knitwear Factory

About us

Spendolini Maglieria is a clothing manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience in knitwear production. Our company which has been family-owned for two generations has evolved over the years, also during crises that affected many economic sectors, due to its ability to manufacture high quality knitwear products. Spendolini's secret is true craftsmanship; our products are made by skilled artisans with professionalism, passion and care and entirely in-house. The production is overseen by the company's owners who participate in every stage of the manufacturing chain.

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Made in Italy

Our production is 100% MADE IN ITALY. All products are made with the utmost care and within our own production facility based in the Marches. The quality control of every knitted fabric lays the foundation for an artisan product that distinguishes itself from those made in mass production. In our knitwear factory, the assembly of the individual garment pieces is done in every phase of the production chain by a specialized worker. Instead of aiming at producing high volumes at the lowest cost, we are dedicated to manufacturing knitwear products of superb quality. Our philosophy is to charge a fair price for goods that are produced under fair working conditions and reveal their superior quality in the final product.



What we offer

Our company is able to offer a comprehensive service of research and prototype development to new fashion designers who want to realize their own collections. When collaborating with young companies we give them the opportunity to grow. We guide them and offer support throughout the whole process of the collaboration, from creation of the product to careful assessment of production costs through to manufacturing. Due to our extensive knowledge in knitwear manufacturing and dedication to craftsmanship, we deliver fashion products of the highest quality.

We also collaborate with fashion producers by assisting their design departments in phases of high demand for prototype development, or help our clients with knitwear manufacturing in cases where they wish to increase their number of production items.