Our History

The story of the knitwear factory Spendolini began in the 1960s when its foundress Linda, who had the wish to stand out and set up a business of her own, left her former job as a hotel maid in order to embark on manufacturing knitwear. Starting in a room at her home, she began with the help of a manual machine to create different knitwear fabrics for small businesses in the sector.

In the 70s, Linda, together with her husband Leonardo, founded a small artisan company with two employees, so that they were able to increase their service offer. The company reached its peak during the 80s and 90s with regards to number of employees and production units.



In September 1992, their son Marco entered the knitwear factory. Together with his parents, he founded the company Linus sas and continued with the production of knitwear for another twelve years, during which they overcame a crisis of the industry sector by providing a fresh perspective to the business together with his brother Andrea who also joined the company at a time that coincided with the sudden loss of their father Leonardo.



In 2004, the two brothers and their mother decided to continue the business despite many challenges. In the year 2012, they had to make the difficult choice to save the company from the crisis in the Italian manufacturing sector by downsizing the number of workers and cutting down their fixed costs in order to be able to face the ups and downs of the market with greater flexibility. They selected clients with which they wished to continue the business relationship, favoring reliable ones who demanded quality products and sought a professional partner with many years of experience in knitwear manufacturing.


Today, Maglieria Spendolini wants to continue to offer its service and its expertise in knitwear production while always opting for the quality factor of a product and trying to suppor any client who wants to work in the world of fashion.